Lululemon Gift Card PIN Scratched Off: How to Recover

It is common to have gift card users scratch off some portion of a card’s PIN when trying to scratch off the silvery panel that conceals the code. A gift card is nothing more than a worthless piece of card and design if the code can not be seen or used.

In this article about Lululemon gift card PIN scratched off: I will be showing you a step-by-step guide to recovering a Lululemon gift card pin when you mistakenly scratch off some parts of the pin. 

If your Lululemon Gift Card PIN is Scratched Off by mistake, you will have to visit the store where you bought the gift card and have it exchanged for a new one or you can contact Lululemon support at 1(877-263-9300) to have your scratched-off gift card number replaced

Lululemon Gift Card PIN Scratched Off

There is no cause for alarm if you have scratched off a portion of your gift card, as recovery is possible. Further, in this article, I will be showing you where you can purchase a Lululemon gift card, how to activate this gift card and more to help you in using this card efficiently.

How to Recover a Lululemon Gift Card

The Lululemon gift card can be bought at a physical store or online. Users are impressed that this gift card does not expire or depreciate, making it a great choice for gift card users.

The digit required to allow you to redeem this gift card is located at the backside of this card with a seal over it, allowing access only to the user. The user scratches off the seal to access the digit, which sometimes leads to damaging a portion of the gift card pin.

Lululemon Gift Card PIN Scratched Off

Scratched-off pins have become a common issue many gift card users face. Trying to scratch off the silvery panel to reveal the 20-digit number of the Lululemon gift card can sometimes damage some numbers, making it difficult to read and use. What comes to mind when this happens is how to recover the pin, and this is what I will be sharing with you here.

When faced with a scratched-off Lululemon pin, you should contact the local store for possible assistance from where it was bought. Visit any local stores you can—it’s best to return a gift card to the store from which it came. It’s also possible to get a replacement card if you’ve not used the original.

Secondly, you can contact Lululemon to complain through the Guest Education Center (GEC).

How to Contact Lululemon To Recover Gift Card

If you have a question, complain, or whatever, including making orders, shipping, etc. The Guest Education Center (GEC) will help you through all.

To reach Lululemon, contact them:

Monday to Friday

Live chat: 10 am to 3 pm CET

Email: 8 am to 6 pm CET

Telephone: 10am to 3pm CET

0800 000 3571 (support in English)


Live chat: 9 am to 4 pm CET

Telephone: 9 am to 9 pm CET

0800 000 3571 (support in English)

Send your questions via mail to the public relations team at or contact their store support center (SSC) located at 57-59 Long Acre London, United Kingdom WC2E 9JL.

I lost my Lululemon gift card, what should I do?

If you lost your Lululemon gift card, you would not be able to get a replacement. Whether it’s destroyed, stolen, or used without your permission, Lululemon will not be able to give you a replacement, so you should hold on tightly to your gift card.

Lululemon Gift Card Invalid

Your Lululemon gift card might be giving an invalid response for any of the following reasons outlined below:

How to Activate the Lululemon Gift Card

Lululemon Gift Card PIN Scratched Off

A gift card that has not been activated cannot be used. Using it will give an invalid card response, so you should activate your new Lululemon gift card before redeeming it.

To activate your Lululemon gift card, kindly follow the guide below:

  • open the Lululemon app
  • log in to it
  • open the menu by clicking on the three lines at the top left side
  • select payments > Gift cards
  • Click the (+) button and then input your new gift card number and PIN

How to Check Lululemon Gift Card Balance

You can check your Lululemon gift card balance online by following the guide below;

  • Log on to the Lululemon website
  • Scroll down and locate the “check your balance” section on the right
  • Enter your 20 digit gift card number
  • Click on check my balance

You can also check your Lululemon gift card balance at any Lululemon store by the hand of a cashier. Visit any local store and simply ask for the assistance of an educator or cashier in checking your gift card balance, and it will be done in a minute. Don’t forget to bring your card along. Also, you can call Lululemon at 1-877-263-9300.

How Many Numbers Are on a Lululemon Gift Card?

The Lululemon gift card has 20-digit numbers on the card. The 20-digit number will be required when making payments online. You will have to input them correctly to be able to make payment for the item bought.

Lululemon Gift Card not Working Online

Lulullemon gift cards work perfectly online. If you find your gift card not working online, different reasons could constitute such. This will include; non-activation of the card, the total transaction price being greater than your gift card balance, or credential errors on your account. Do well check out and correct any of these mentioned causes before returning to make purchases online.

Who Sells Lululemon Gift Cards?

You can get Lululemon gift cards from several stores, both online and physically. You can get Lululemon gift cards on the Lululemon website and any Lululemon store. You can also get them online at Raise, Gift Card mall, CardCookie, Cardpool, or Safeway and Whole Food market Stores.


Can you replace a lost Lululemon gift card?

You cannot get a replacement for a lost Lululemon gift card. Whether it’s destroyed, stolen, or used without your permission, Lululemon will not be able to give you a replacement, so you should hold on tightly to your gift card.

Do you have to scratch the pin on the gift card?

Yes, you have to. If you buy a gift card, check behind it. You will find that where the pin is located is concealed. You will have to scratch off the cover to enable you to access the pin. If you find that the pin isn’t concealed, do not buy that gift card.

How do I redeem my Lululemon gift card?

To redeem your Lululemon gift card:

  • Select “Add a Lululemon gift card” during checkout under “payment.”
  • Enter your e-gift digital card numbers and PIN
  • Select Apply
  • Your e-gift digital card balance will be applied to your total order

How do I email Lululemon?

Suppose you have a question that’s not urgent. In that case, you can email Lululemon at, and you can get an application within three to five business days, but when there’s an urgent question, contact them via live chat and connect with an educator.

How do you use a Lululemon visa gift card online?

  • Choose an item you wish to purchase
  • Next, choose “pay immediately.”
  • As the payment method, select “credit card.”
  • Enter the credit card details
  • Enter “purchase,” and it will be posted to your gift card

Can I use a Lululemon gift card on Lululemon like new?

No, you can’t use Lululemon gift cards on Lululemon like new. Gift cards cannot be used on Lululemon like new websites, concession stores, or with Lululemon wholesale partners.

Final thought on Lululemon gift card pin scratched off: How to Recover.

Yes, users are bound to make the mistake of scratching off and damaging a portion of their Lululemon gift card pin, but the good news is that it can be recovered. This article outlines what you need to do to recover your Lululemon gift card pin. Also, I have outlined where you can purchase a Lululemon gift card, how you can activate it, and more. I’m optimistic this article will be greatly helpful.

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