[EXPLAINED] What Do Onlyfans Show Up As On Bank Statement?

For various reasons, many people create anonymous accounts on OnlyFans to keep their identities hidden. People might not want their family, friends, or parents to know they\’re visiting OnlyFans. Sometimes, people pay for OnlyFans using their parents\’ credit cards. As a result, they want OnlyFans to be removed from their bank or credit card statements.

Payments made on the onlyfans app with your credit or debit card will show up on your Bank statement as \”OnlyFans\” or \”Fenix International\”, but \”OnlyFans\” or \”OF\” will always be there. The Onlyfans payment will also reflect on your card as \”OF\” or \”OnlyFans\”. Your bank statement will show every transaction you make on the OnlyFans website.

Because OnlyFans is a paid service, you must provide your credit card information when creating an account. Certainly, some authors provide free subscriptions here; but, if you establish an account, you will be required to enter your credit card information.

What do onlyfans show up as on credit cards

Numerous celebrities have joined OnlyFans, as I previously stated. They\’re also making a lot of money. Many creators\’ profits have been impacted after the celebrities joined OnlyFnas. In 2020, several creators feel their profits would have reduced. Moreover, the majority of individuals follow celebrities on social media.

What Do Onlyfans Show Up As On Credit Cards [Watch Video]

When you make a payment on Onlyfans with your credit card, the transaction will show up as a charge from the company on your credit card statement and designated as \”OF\” or \”OnlyFans\”; however, it will not include full details regarding the transaction itself.

Many individuals are wary about subscribing to this website because of this problem, yet it is required, and your bank is expected to inform you of your transactions.

There is no other way to keep your transactions hidden from your bank. Every statement you receive is based on the signal you receive from the company from which you are purchasing goods online. so you cannot hide onlyfan\’s transactions from your bank statement

Because of this, people should not be embarrassed to disclose their credit card statements to others. Even though it depends on your family, considering the OnlyFans platform is mostly for adult amusement, this may raise some questions. However, there are writers and influencers on the network, and many individuals may claim that this is why they utilize it.


After each month, a bank user should receive an email containing the account\’s monthly statement, which will detail every transaction you\’ve completed during the month.

You shouldn\’t be surprised to find an OnlyFans bill on your statement because that\’s what you used the money for. Because the bill is a part of your statement, it cannot be removed. Yes, when you buy a subscription on OnlyFans, it will appear on your bank statement. It\’s not possible to remove or delete it from your statement.

Does A Free OnlyFans Account Show Up On Your Bank Statement?

No, if there was no charge for the purchase, there are no statements on your bank account that show an OnlyFans transaction. OnlyFans does not charge you when you subscribe to a person\’s page for free, thus your bank is uninvolved in what you do on OnlyFans.

However, because the bank is now involved, you may be asked to validate your credit card, which may appear on your statement. Despite the fact that there is no payment for the transaction, some banks do not reflect the credit card verification on their statements.

How to Hide only Fans Transactions (payments) on My Bank Statement

No, You can\’t remove any transaction from your Debit/credit card or bank statement. It\’s not even in the hands of the financial institutions. The statement will reflect any transactions you\’ve made. Any purchases you make with your credit card will appear on your bill for that month.

OnlyFans purchases or transactions cannot be deleted or concealed from your account to keep them hidden from your family.

However, we have some useful hints for keeping the OnlyFans transactions hidden from others. If you share a bank account or look at each other\’s statements, it can be difficult to keep OnlyFans purchases hidden from your partner or family.

To remove OnlyFans transaction history from your bank or credit card statement, follow these instructions.


1. Use a Virtual credit card:

OnlyFans offers virtual cards that can be used to purchase subscriptions or specific content without having to use your credit card. A certain website can help you generate your virtual credit card. Some websites can assist you in obtaining a free virtual card that allows you to purchase subscriptions from OnlyFans without incurring a credit card fee.

2. Use the Vanilla Gift Card as follows:

This could appear to be self-evident, but it works. Visa Vanilla is equivalent to other prepaid gift cards or debit cards, but most akin to American Express Serve and American Express Blackbird the next time you wish to conceal a purchase. It\’s a money management card that may be used for ordinary purchases.

3. Make use of a gift card:

Receiving a gift card may also hide your buying habits. The card will be loaded with funds at the time of purchase, and no one will be able to track how you use it after that.

4. Other prepaid cards can be used:

Enter your credit card number if you\’re shopping online. Simply enter your prepaid card into an ATM-like any other bank card to withdraw cash. Most banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) provide a free virtual credit card (Non-Bank Financial Institutions). They\’re usually available via an app or a mobile wallet.

Are OnlyFans Payments found in a background check?

Yes, if the prospective employer did a thorough background check and you received a 1099 tax form from OnlyFans, your OnlyFans account may show up on a background check.

But that isn\’t likely in most cases. Unless the position you\’re seeking is restricted or controlled, most businesses, particularly smaller ones, will do a simple background check to search for:

In most circumstances, this is a non-issue unless there is suspicion, to begin with, or the company is particularly religious or conservative. Unfortunately, the majority of the information we share online (including some that we\’ve erased) is still searchable via Google.

Is it possible to hide your identity or use a fake name on OnlyFans?

On OnlyFans, you don\’t have to use your real name as your screen name, and you can opt out of having your face seen in images. To create your account, you must submit your genuine name, address, and relevant documentation.

You won\’t be able to get paid if you don\’t have your real information on the back end. When marketing your OnlyFans account on other social media channels, you\’ll have to be careful not to reveal you\’re true identity. My friend was continually tweeting about her OnlyFans account on Facebook and Instagram until she got married.

Is it possible to earn money on OnlyFans without having to reveal your identity?

OnlyFans allows you to make money without having to reveal your face, especially if the rest of your body is regarded as particularly gorgeous. Also, some buyers are interested in photos of their feet, toy videos, and other body areas other than their faces.

Although it allows explicit content, OnlyFans is not a pornographic website. You can do so without displaying your face if you\’re giving other services. Unless the service you\’re providing relies on people seeing your face, you could use an avatar, a cartoon, or any other image.

Some people don\’t give a damn about seeing your face if you\’re giving explicit content. They\’re more interested in other things, and it doesn\’t matter to them as long as they enjoy what they\’re watching. If you truly want to be safe, I recommend avoiding revealing your exact location.

You\’ll also need to publicize your profile. However, when marketing your account, be careful not to reveal you\’re true identity. After all, that would negate the entire point of attempting anonymity.

Will having an OnlyFans have an impact on your job prospects?

OnlyFans is a 1099 employer, which means it does not influence your ability to work for other employment. Only religious or conservative businesses are likely to be concerned about an OnlyFans account if they become aware of it.

So it may or may not be the case. It depends on the type of organization you work for and how actively you promote your OnlyFans account to other employees. Employers, for the most part, will be unaware or unconcerned.

However, there may be employees who are harshly judgmental and enjoy gossiping. Both of these factors could eventually result in a hostile work environment. As a result, it\’s best not to bring it up at work. It\’s also not a good idea to post it on social media, especially if coworkers are following you.

If a company already has it in their employee handbook or any other document that regulates employee behavior that certain online behaviors are not permitted, that information should be included. If you are proven to be breaking such a rule, you may be fired.

And, as I previously stated, having an OnlyFans account will very certainly influence your employment if you work for a conservative company or in the public sector.

Are Subscribers Safe On OnlyFans?

It\’s normal to be cautious when signing up for a website we\’ve never used before. After all, if you\’re going to subscribe to something on the internet, you\’ll have to give up your payment information, which can be nerve-wracking.

Furthermore, OnlyFans does not allow you to use an eWallet as a payment method for subscriptions. You\’ll have to use your credit or debit card instead. The good news is that OnlyFans has implemented a 3D secure checkout system that assures your cards are completely secured and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

OnlyFans will prompt you to validate your account whenever you add a new card, either via SMS code or another verification code. The problem now is that no website is completely safe. Data breaches do happen from time to time. However, we can state that OnlyFans is SSL secured and takes all reasonable precautions to keep subscribers safe.

Do you need a credit card to utilize Onlyfans?

No. That\’s impossible. Without a credit card, you can\’t use Onlyfans. Onlyfans can be used without a credit card, but you can only follow Onlyfans authors who are willing to follow you. Some Onlyfans creators don\’t charge anything and offer their stuff for free.

As a result, you must seek out and follow those Onlyfans creators. Onlyfans makers can earn money by showing sponsor posts or promoting a product or service to you. Other sorts of creators charge a monthly cost, which can run anywhere between $5 and $49.95 per month.

If you\’re wondering if you can use Onlyfans without a credit card to follow and consume the material of these types of Onlyfans creators who charge money, the answer is no. You must link your credit card to your Onlyfans profile to follow and enjoy their content. This is how the Onlyfans (business) and its creators make money.

Do Onlyfans Creators Have Access to Your Name and Credit Card Information?

OnlyFans creators will be able to see the name you have listed in your profile and will not be able to access any credit card information. OnlyFans does not keep credit card information because it is a secure website that employs a third-party payment system.

Your credit card number or email address will not be visible to the creators of OnlyFans. On the OnlyFans website, you don\’t have to worry about the security of your credit card. Even if you subscribe to a creator, your information is not shared with them.

On Onlyfans, how Do You Follow Someone without Adding a Credit Card?

Even if you are using a free account and not spending any money on the website, OnlyFans requires you to add a credit card. Using a virtual credit card or a prepaid Visa card is the best way to follow someone on OnlyFans without having to add a credit card.

You can follow on a free account after adding a virtual card, but you\’ll have to pay to see the movies and photographs. You won\’t be able to follow a paid OnlyFans account unless you add a credit card.


The bank is unconcerned about the source of your funds. OnlyFans, on the other hand, is a reliable source of information. As a result, there should be no issues with the bank. The fact that their OnlyFans transactions appear on their statement irritates a lot of individuals.

This is because they may live with their family, and anyone with access to the site can see the transaction information, which might be embarrassing given the site\’s 18+ material.

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